10th Colombo Cub Holiday Camp 2021

Welcome To The First Ever Virtual Cub Holiday Camp


1To uphold the rich tradition of Colombo Scouting, by hosting the Cubs’ holiday camp even during these challenging times.

2To present the Colombo Cub Scouts with a unique virtual non-formal educational experience, relevant to the modern times and the current context.

3To help grow the physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Cultural personality development areas of Colombo Cubs resulting in the development of self-fulfilled active citizens.

4To rise against global threat that we are faced with currently, by being Safe and Smart, with inspiring Kind actions that can ensure the health, safety and well-being of young cubs while continuing to engage in cub scouting.


Friday, 13th August 2021
Sunday, 15th August 2021

Logo, Theme & Colour


This year’s, 10th Cub Holiday Camp theme is ‘Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Kind’, which refers to the safe and smart actions that can be taken by Cubs during the COVID-19 pandemic, by being kind and inspirational. Together we can ensure the health, safety and well-being of young cubs and society while we continue to engage in cub scouting.

The Camp logo depicts the above theme and is designed using the holiday camp colours which are Peach, Blue and Green.

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Participants with Restricted Access

We encourage all Cub Scouts in Colombo to participate in the Colombo Cub Holiday camp, therefore any Cub Scout who has restrictions in terms of device accessibility who has already registered for the camp can contact his / her respective akela for further information.